Etnovyr Festival, Lviv Coffee Festival, Holi Fest, Lviv Publishers’ Forum 2018 are the ТОP-5 upcoming events in Lviv!

August 23 - September 23, 2018

When the summer flows into autumn unnoticeably, when the fragrant August fills the air, when the velvet mood captures all thoughts and feelings you wish to use these unforgettable days, plunging into carelessness and relaxation! Lviv is the best place to do it! Because only in Lviv the days are so warm and sunny, there is such a warm and kind atmosphere, such a fragrant coffee and such interesting acquaintances. Take a chance that a velvet season gives you - come to the city of Lion to hold festival, have a coffee, read, and to paint the impressions with new colours!


The Independence Day in Lviv means, above all, the legendary ETNOVYR International Folklore Festival, which gets you acquainted with all the varieties of colourful dances! Groups from more than 10 countries in folk costumes, colours and rhythms capturing the imagination, as well as dance master classes and delicious national dishes! Four days of continuous discoveries and acquaintances with various cultures from August 23 to August 26, 2018! The detailed program you may find following the link


Paint the mood in all the colours at the spectacular Holi Fest! Kilograms of dry colour powder and music for mood - what else do you need for happiness? Smiling faces smeared with all the colours of the rainbow! Incredible photos overwhelmed with explosive emotions! Unforgettable drive that brings you back to the childhood! All the guests will receive pleasant surprises. Visit Lviv Holi Fest on August 31 to end summer with bright shades and real WOW emotions!


Come for a cup of coffee to Lviv! Lviv Coffee Festival 2018 once again gathers coffee lovers and everyone who loves warm meetings, coffee talks, and sincere conversations! For a cup of fragrant coffee, in cosy cafes, with old friends and new acquaintances - that's what it means to drink Lviv-style coffee! On September 13 - 16, 2018 enjoy this performance, visit the best coffee locations, and watch vibrant attractions. Come for a cup of coffee to Lviv! Read more about the festival on the festival page in the social network:


Lviv Publishers’ Forum is turning a new page of its history and invites everyone who adores books! Where else, if not in Lviv, should one listen to the poems of the favourite poets, discuss important topics with opinion-makers, feel the incredible smell of fresh publications, or just, turning in upon oneself, read favourite novel! Exciting meetings, book novelties, autograph sessions, interesting attractions for children and adults are waiting for you! And lots of books, among which you are sure to find your favourite one! Join the main book event of the year – visit the 25th Lviv Publishers’ Forum, the main cultural festival of the country, taking place from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2018! All details you may find on the website of Lviv Publishers’ Forum


The Taurus Hotel warmly welcomes you to the city of colourful festivals, bright events, unforgettable meetings and memorable holidays - we will enrich your travels with a pleasant relaxation in the Taurus SPA centre, delicious dishes from the chef of our restaurant, the cosiness of beautiful rooms and a feel of a real home, where it is so pleasant to come back after all the walks, entertainments and adventures! We are waiting for you in Lviv and wish you pleasant travels and extraordinary impressions!

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