SPA- center in Taurus Hotel is a great place created for reinvigoration, restoration of energy balance and harmony of body and soul.

Stylish interior design with natural colors, Roman and Finnish saunas filled with herbal aroma, relaxing musing and lighting, pool, Jacuzzi, and recreation area with sling-chairs will reward you with hours of joyful peace.

Steam Roman sauna

improves general well-being and disease resistance. It will relieve muscle tension and invigorate your body.

Temperature: 50-60 ⁰ С
humidity: 98%
Can host 10 people

Finnish sauna

removes tiredness, clears the organism from toxins, and improves energy and blood circulation.

Temperature: 80-100 ⁰ С
humidity: 10-20%
Can host 8 people


You will reach complete relaxation in a Jacuzzi with air hydromassage. Therapeutic effect of Jacuzzi is achieved due to combination of water flows and air bubbles. Rising from the bottom of the bath the bubbles create a geyser effect and that is how air body massage is given.

Water temperature in Jacuzzi: 34 ⁰ C
d 2,5 m
Can host 6 people


Our pool is equipped with a counterflow that would let you have fun in the water, as well as an artificial waterfall whose flow will give you a massage of shoulder and neck muscles.

Water temperature in the pool: 28 ⁰ С
pool size: 4 Х 11 m



Regenerating massage, anticellulite, relaxing, aromatic oil massage, honey massage – any of these types of massages You may order in the Taurus SPA-centre.

Pleasant relaxing music, essential oils, the mastery of a specialist will help You to relieve stress, tension, emotional fatigue. Its positive effect will last for several days: capillary circulation activates, lymph circulation normalizes, waste removal increases, resulting in clearance and recreation of an organism, muscle tone normalizes, the skin becomes elastic and tight. Massage, influencing on the body, will strengthen the nervous system, bring You inner harmony, feelings of joy and satisfaction.


For recreation and preservation of health the guests of the Taurus hotel may take various baths for body. SPA-centre is equipped with multifunctional Aquadelicia bathtub which allows to undertake the procedures of underwater shower-massage, «pearl bath», hydro massage «vortex baths». Curative effect is reached due to the influence of water pressure on various nerve endings located in the skin. In the course of the procedure blood circulation is improved, pressure normalizes, pain in the back disappears. These baths are not only useful but also extremely pleasant.

Prior to taking bath, please consult the specialists of the Taurus SPA-centre. They will help You to choose those baths that will be of maximum health benefit for You.

For more details on the beneficial properties of all SPA-procedure, please, see the pages of SPA-booklet.

FACIALS TREATMENTS: rejuvenating massage, alginate facial packs;

BODY TREATMENTS: body wraps, salt scrub, massage, hydro-massage baths, bath with herbal extracts.


Click button "All SPA-treatments" to download booklet pdf


Additional services:

SPA-center has separate women’s and men’s change rooms with individual lockers, WCs and showers. SPA-center guests receive towels, terry robes and slippers at the SPA-center reception located on the first floor of the Hotel sideways elevator B, at the entrance to the SPA-center.

Book you recreation in the SPA-center:

Hotel guests can book and pay for SPA-center services at the hotel reception located on the first floor sideways elevator A and central entrance to the Taurus Hotel.


Pool, jacuzzi and two saunas: 200,00 UAH/1 person, 1 hour


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Leave behind all your everyday troubles and travel to the world of total relaxation at the SPA-center of Taurus Hotel.

Book the SPA-center
+ 380 32 255 44 51

Opening hours from 09:00 to 21:00