September 12-22, 2019

"Happy people read books and drink coffee" - writer Agnès Martin-Lugand says. And we would like to add: you should do this in Lviv in September, when two large-scale events – Lviv Coffee Festival and 26-th BookForum – and Taurus Hotel gather epicures who are fond of coffee and books!

LVIV COFFEE FESTIVAL, September 12-15, 2019

This year, Lviv Coffee Festival will be held on September 12-15 at the Lem Station creative space in the territory of the Tram Depot (junction between Vitovskoho St., Heroiv Maidanu St., and Sakharova St.) An unusual location is another ingredient in the traditional recipe of the event, which will allow you to experience all 50 or more shades of Lviv coffee! Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy coffee fairs, coffee art in the Coffee Art café, coffee conversations with famous Lviv residents, and a night movie over a cup of coffee. There will be also Barista and Cup Tasting Championships, as well as a crazy party infused with magical energy!

Thanks to the variety of entertainment, Lviv Coffee Festival is perfect for relaxing with friends, family, or even toddlers – the youngest visitors will be entertained in the children's area. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Lviv coffee culture and spend four days tasting a fragrant drink in a whirlpool of fantastic events! Learn more about Lviv Coffee Festival-2019 at

26-TH BOOKFORUM, September 18-22, 2019

After good coffee, we invite you to read some books on September 18 - 22, 2019. 26-th BookForum is a grand event, to say the least, in more than 30 locations of the city; this year, more than 1,000 Ukrainian and foreign participants will visit it. Renowned authors, writers, publishers, translators, and books... a flood of books!

Most recent publications, favorite bestsellers, and exclusive editions will give you the opportunity not only to add new books to your library, but will also give you positive emotions! Read more about the Forum events at and come to Lviv to get inspiration for creativity, to socialize, and to enjoy reading new books in the evening in a cozy room at the Taurus Hotel!

Comfort, fragrant coffee, and a favorite book – this is the recipe of true happiness, which we will prepare with care for you. Choose accommodation according to the "Business" or "Relax" package in order to enjoy your vacation in full and get extra bonuses: relaxation at our SPA and a delicious lunch or dinner from the Taurus Restaurant. We are waiting for you!

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