Conference Service

Conference Service

For holding business meetings at Taurus SPA Hotel, you can choose one of four conference rooms with a capacity of 16 to 150 people, which are equipped with presentation and sound equipment included in the cost of rent.


Organizers of corporate events may rent the following additional equipment, if necessary.

Equipment name
Cost of rent for 1 day, UAH
Williams Sound simultaneous interpretation system
from 5000
Multimedia projector
from 900
Plasma 42'
Radio microphone, 1 pc.
Radio microphone - headset/clip, 1 pc.
Conference desktop microphone, 1 pc.
Mixing console, 6 channels
from 450
Radio presenter with a laser pointer
Flipchart (paper + markers)
Full HD video camera
Full HD web camera
Switchboard for presentations
Technical support provided by a technician

On the second floor of the hotel there are conference rooms | 2, 3 and 4 with an area of 48 m2, 59 m2 and 160 m2 for holding conferences, presentations or round table meetings.

All three rooms are located next to each other, opposite there is a large room for registration of participants and a Banquet Hall for organizing a coffee break, lunch or banquet.

On the 1st floor, there is a conference room | 1 with an area of 100 m2, which meets all the requirements for holding conferences at a high level. Read more about the list of equipment, types of seating and the rental price on the page of each conference room.

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Conference Room | 1

Area: 100 m²

The conference room for business events is located on the first floor next to the hotel reception in the Event Hall. Coffee breaks, lunches and dinners are organized for participants on the territory of the Event Hall.

Conference Room | 2

Area: 59 m²

A medium-sized conference room, convenient for holding talks, business meetings, consultations, presentations, workshops and trainings. The rooms is situated on the second floor of the building side-by-side with two other conference rooms.

Conference Room | 3

Area: 48 m²

A small room for holding talks, business meetings, consultations, presentations, workshops, and trainings is situated on the second floor.

Conference Room | 4

Area: 160 m²

A large conference room for holding conferences, congresses, corporate meetings, and lectures is situated on the second floor. There is a hall for guest registration, exhibitions and coffee breaks.


Select the “Сonference room” from the menu in the right corner of the screen and use the arrows
at the bottom of the screen, turn it 360 degrees